Ulrich Priso


Hello, my name is Ulrich, I am a student at European Business School and I plan to specialize in finance next year. I'm interested in sports, such as soccer and basketball, and I would like to be a owner of a great club one day. I'm calm thorough and also really obsvervant. Plus when I started something,I'm completly commmitted to it and try to fulfill y tasks as well as possible. I'm passioneted about the unknown, travelling overseas and meeting people from all around the world.

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My Journey

I have been in San Francisco for one month, and I've learned a great deal while I was here. First of all I noticed that people here are way more friendly than in my country. The mindset of the individual down here is always positive. From the uber driver to the cashier, people always ask you how you're doing and want to have a meaningful conversation with you. It's a thing that's not really common back in France. We're often been protayed as arrogant because we don't talk to each other so much. That's what I found intersting about travelling, because you can discover stuff that you didn't know or expected. During my stay here, I've visited pretty much everything,but what will most definitely stay in my mind is the golden gate bridge. The fog that partially cover the bridge, offers an absolutely astonishing view, no wonder why it attract so many tourists. Thus, I was out on a field work for the purpose of my course. It was a flourishing experience, since we were on the streets, heading towards people and asking them questions about what they like the most about San Francisco and things of that nature. All the answers was were different from one and other, it shows the diversity of the city.

Ulrich Priso